●Tencent takes on Apple in China


  In most of the world, the success of Apple's “walled garden” of proprietary software has two elements.


  First, its attractive services: users tend to be addicted to its iTunes music shop and iBooks store.


  Second, the complexities involved in switching from an iPhone to another device without losing music files or having to re-download apps.


  Neither factor works as well in China.


  There, many of Apple's services have not taken off.


  The American giant missed the boat on music sales in the country, reckons Matthew Brennan of China Channel, a technology consultancy.

  中国频道的技术顾问Matthew Brennan 认为,苹果公司错失了在中国销售音乐的机会。

  Its sales of books are blocked by the government.


  In addition, few would disagree that its messaging service is a flop and that Apple Pay, its mobile-payment offering, is irrelevant—its market share on the mainland is only 1%.


  A “genius” employee at an Apple store in Shanghai admits sheepishly that “iCloud doesn't work very well in China.”


  And switching is a doddle in China, observes Ben Thompson of Stratechery, an industry newsletter.

  行业资讯服务机构Stratechery的Ben Thompson表示,在中国,换部手机是一件非常容易的事。

  Nearly everyone uses WeChat, an app made by Tencent, one of China's three big internet giants, for everything from social media to payments.


  Through WeChat it is easy to transfer photos, messages, contacts and payments history maintained on that app from one device to another.


  No wonder that Apple's retention rate among iPhone users, which tops 80% in America and Britain, is only 50% in China.


  That does not bode well for a key market.


  Apple's revenues in greater China have nearly doubled since 2013, to $48.5bn in 2016, thanks in part to its mainland app store.


  App Annie, a research firm, reckons it is the world's biggest Apple app store, as measured by revenue.


  But Apple's results for the first quarter of the year showed total sales falling by some 14% in greater China compared with a year ago, the fifth consecutive quarter of decline.


  Canalys, a market-research firm, estimates that shipments of iPhones on the mainland plunged by a quarter in the first quarter.


  ►be addicted to 沉迷于

  例句:Many of the women are addicted to heroin and cocaine.


  ►total sales 销售总额